Click here for the final League
Congratulations to team
UNREEL for thier 2012 mens
tourney win!
Congratulations : to team DEEP V
for the first place finish in the first
annual Holland Steelheaders
Summer Fishing League and thanks
to all the teams who participated this
Congratulations to Team
RUNNING ERIN'S on thier first place
win in the 2012 Ladies Tournement!
Ladies Tourney finals
Running Erin's 60.38 lbs 5 fish
Unreel 59.90 lbs 5 fish
Hookin Up 5 fish
Bachelor One 3 fish
Obsession 1 fish
Fish Hog DNW
Congratulations to GrandRapids
Steelheaders Jon Hendrick and Clark
Causley on there first place win in the Cold
Steel river fishing tournament on December 1
they had a total of 26.52 lbs with 3 steelies
beating the second place team by 5 lbs! Way
to go guys! This means next year we need
more Holland teams to ensure the Holland
Chapter regains the trophy!
2012 Michigan Steelheaders challenge
winners Black Pearl .